Costco Return Policy – Costco Electronics, Laptop, TV Return Policy

By | July 30, 2018

Costco is an American multinational wholesale corporation, with the name of Costco. Costco was the second largest retailer in the world, as of 2015. And, it was on the top in the list of world’s largest retailers, in 2016.Costco headquarters is located in Issaquah, Washington, but opened its first warehouse branch in Seattle in 1983.
Priorly, Costco founded in 1976 as Price Club, in San Diego, California. James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman are founders of Costco. It has more than 750 warehouses located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Spain, Iceland, and France. And, More than 205,000 employees are working for Costco.

The wide range of products of Costco return policy includes electronics, art, books, caskets, computer software, mattress, fine wine, furniture and home appliances, home electronics, hot tubs, jewelry and clothing, dairy products, fresh baked goods, flowers, fresh produce, meat and seafood, solar panels, tires, and vacuums. Kirkland Signature is the private label of Costco and is available on their website and warehouses.

Costco Return Policy – Costco Electronics, Laptop, TV etc, Return Policy

Costco’s return policy is the best return policy compared to most of the retail return policies. Check out the return policy and refunds from the below.

Costco 2 types of return policies:

Membership and merchandise.

Membership: Costco will cancel the membership of the customer and refunds the full fee at any time in case of dissatisfaction of the customer.

Merchandise: Costco will refund the money at the purchase price, but with some of the following exceptions.

Costco Return Policy & Refunds - Exchange Policy

Costco Return Policy & Refunds – Exchange Policy

Electronics: Costco accepts the returns within 90 days from the date on which, the member received the merchandise. This category includes Televisions, Tuner-Free Displays, Projectors, Computers, Touchscreen Tablets, Smart Watches, Cameras (Aerial Cameras) Camcorders, MP3 players. Besides these refrigerators above 10 cu. ft., freezers, ranges, cooktops, microwaves, dishwashers, washers, dryers and Cellular Phones come under this category.

You can be assisted with technical support and warranty information by the Concierge Services representatives for most of the products. Win Dollar general coupons and cash by finishing dgcustomerfirst survey.

Please find the list of eligible items below:

Diamonds of 1.00ct or larger: customers who want to return a diamond over 1.00ct should present all original paperwork (IGI and/or GIA certificates). Costco Graduate Gemologist will be available to inspect for authenticity, within 48 hours.

Cigarettes and alcohol: Costco will not accept returns on products like cigarettes and alcohol because the law prohibits those products in specific re. And the products like tires and batteries with a limited useful life expectancy are sold with a product-specific limited warranty.

Special Order Kiosk and the Custom products: Costco will not allow returns of the custom products manufactured to the member’s personal and specifications, but with some exceptions for warranty repair or replacement because of the failure to meet the specifications.

For more information on Costco Return Policy: Check Help Section

Returning a product:

You can return the product bought at a Costco location at any Costco warehouse and you can return or exchange the product ordered from online at any Costco warehouse or you can easily do it through

Costco membership number is enough to return the item and no need for any receipt. So just take it to the customer service desk. It is useful to track all the past purchases and helps you to get the refund. You can also return gifted items. You Just need a Gift-giver’s membership number to get the refund.

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